Rift Walker Skills

AcrobaticsKnowledge (Planes)SpellcraftStealth



Burst of Speed: Your character can attempt to increase her base speed as part of movement on her turn. The base difficulty is 20 to increase her speed by a sixth of her base speed (typically 5 ft. for a base speed of 30 ft., rounded down to the nearest 5 ft. increment). For every 5 by which she exceeds the difficulty, she can increase her speed by an additional sixth. Failure on this check causes the character to fall prone at a random point during her movement (determined by the GM).

Dimensional Walker: Your character can attempt to slip between the planes with her movement, appearing to teleport as she jaunts to the space between planes for part of her movement. The base difficulty is 20 for every 5 ft. your character wishes to “jaunt” through, with each additional 5 by which you overcome the DC increasing the distance you can travel by another 5 ft. If your character fails a check and appears inside a solid object, she is shunted to the nearest valid space and suffers 1d6 points of damage per square traversed. If you attempt to slip through a magical effect, such as a wall of force, add the Caster Level of the magical effect to the difficulty.

Your character can also use this skill to close on an opponent. If your character succeeds in a check to move through an opponent’s threatened squares, subtract your CMB from the opponent’s CMD before making your Acrobatics check to avoid provoking an attack of opportunity. Additionally, you only need to make an Acrobatics check once for all squares traversed with this form of movement and each square traversed does not count as two squares despite the Acrobatics check.

Knowledge (Planes)

(Int; Trained Only)

Close Rift: Rift Walkers can use Knowledge (Planes) to attempt to close a Rift to another plane. Doing so is a full round action that provokes an attack of opportunity and requires complete concentration by the Rift Walker (see Concentration checks for possible distractions). The GM secretly makes a check on behalf of the Rift with a bonus equal to the highest CR of creature that can pass through the rift, which represents the overall strength of the Rift itself. Subtract the highest check from the lowest check to determine the overall progress made to closing the Rift. When the Rift Walker reaches a positive number equal to the Rift’s closure DC or the Rift reaches a negative number equal to the Rift Walker’s hit die, the contest is concluded. If the Rift Walker wins the check, add the difference to the overall total. If the Rift wins the check, subtract the difference from the total. If the Rift wins the opposed checks, the Rift closes and is sealed. If the Rift wins, the maximum CR of a creature that can come through increases by 1 and the Rift immediately summons through a creature at the new maximum CR which is immediately hostile. The closure DC is typically equal to (the highest CR of the Rift x 2) while the Rift Walker typically loses control at (Knowledge [Planes] bonus), but circumstantial modifiers can alter either subject to GM discretion.

Action: Each check is a full round action that provokes an attack of opportunity.

Try Again: Yes, but each failed attempt increases the overall power rating of the Rift.

Special: Multiple Rift Walkers can attempt to close a single Rift, but only one Rift Walker makes the check. Each additional Rift Walker provides a bonus to the check using the Aid Another rules.


(Int; Trained Only)

Alter Spell: You can adjust aspects of your spell by making a Spellcraft check, which is done as part of the casting of the spell itself. The DCs and effects are provided below:

Spell AugmentationDifficulty Increase
Base DC(Spell Level x 2)
Increase Range by 1 Category (Not Personal)DC +(5 per Category Increase)
Add an Additional Target in RangeDC +(10 per additional target in range)
Penetrate Energy ResistanceDC +(1/1 point overcome)
Overcome ImmunityDC +(10 per immunity overcome)
Increase Spell DurationDC +(5 per Duration type Increase)
Increase Save DCDC +(2 per +1 DC increase)
Increase Maximum Damage DiceDC +(1 per 1 level)
Overcome Spell ResistanceDC +(1 per +1 Caster Level bonus)
Alter Spell AreaDC +(5 per Category, see below)
Apply Metamagic FeatDC +([Spell Slot Increase] x 5)

Multiple affects can target the same spell, the DCs are cumulative. Note applying metamagic feats using this method does not actually increase the spell level, you would need to use the actual metamagic feat for that. Spell duration increases do not work on fixed duration spells or spells with an instant duration.

Increasing maximum damage dice is designed for spells that have caps on how much damage they deal but derive the damage as a function of your caster level, such as fireball. Therefore the spells formula for determining damage can be increased beyond its stated cap but it cannot result in an amount of damage that would otherwise exceed what is possible for your caster level. For example, a 15th level Wizard could cast a Fireball that deals 15d6 points of damage with a successful Spellcraft check, DC 11 (6 [base] + 5 [dice increase]).

Overcoming an immunity means you can affect a creature that is otherwise immune to your spell. In the case of energy immunity, overcoming the immunity leaves the creature with Energy Resistance 30 which can also be overcome using the appropriate modifiers.

Range Increases: touch > short > medium > long > line of sight
Duration Increases: rounds/level > minutes/level > 10 minutes/level > hours/level > days/level

Altering Spell Area allows you to adjust the area covered by the spell. Altering area is based entirely on how many spells the square covers. Altering a spell to a different shape that covers the same number of squares (such as a 30 ft. line to a 15 ft. cone) increases the spell DC by 5. Altering a spell to a shape that covers twice as many squares (such as altering a 15 ft. cone to a 10 ft. burst radius) increases the spell DC by 10. After you’ve determined the effect, you can further alter the spell by adding additional area to the spell. For each additional increase of 100% (relative to the area affect, rounded down), add the alteration DC again. For example, turning a 30 ft. line into a 15 ft. cone would increase the DC by 5. Further increasing the range to a 40 ft. cone would increase the DC by an additional +15 (adding 15 ft. 3 more times) for a total DC of +20.

Reference Values
5 ft. Radius = 15 ft. Cone = 30 ft. Line (<7 sqrs)
10 ft. Radius = 20 ft. Cone = 60 ft. Line (<14 sqrs)
15 ft. Radius = 30 ft. Cone = 120 ft. Line (<25 sqrs)
20 ft. Radius = 40 ft. Cone = 240 ft. Line (<45 sqrs*)
*Note: 40 ft. cone is 41 sqrs but a 45 ft. cone is 54 sqrs so round down when applicable

If you fail the Spellcraft check to cast the augmented the spell, your spell is lost and the action is wasted. Making a Spellcraft check to augment a spell automatically adds the Somatic component to any spell cast (even if it didn’t have that component before) which cannot be circumvented.



Rift Shift: Your character is capable of shifting her body and equipment out of phase with the plane she inhabits. Rift Shifting is a full round action that provokes an attack of opportunity but lasts until the Rift Walker does not make a Stealth check to remain hidden (taking effect at the beginning of the Rift Walkers turn if not maintained). The condition conferred, difficulty of the Stealth check, and effect is given below:

Condition Difficulty Effect
Invisible 20 Invisibility as per the spell of the same name
Ethereal 30 Ethereal as per the spell Etherealness

Rift Walkers can also choose to Rift Shift an object of their own size or smaller. The item remains shifted until a number of rounds equal to her Hit Die. The difficulty to notice the item is equal to the resulting skill check. The Rift Walker can attempt to Rift Shift items larger than herself, suffering a -5 penalty for each size category over her size the object is. Further, she can accept a -5 to change the duration from rounds to minutes, -10 for 10 minutes, or -15 for hours.

Rift Walker Skills

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