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List of Locations
In Aundair – Fairhaven, Stormhome, Passage, Floating Towers of Arcanix
In Breland – Wroat, Sharn (x2), Argonth
In Darguun – No locations at this time, check back soon!
In Drooam – The Great Crag
In The Eldeen Reaches – Greenheart
In Karrnath – Korth, Karrlakton, Rekkenmark
In Lhazaar Principalities – Regalport
In The Mournland – Coming Soon! We’re ready when you are Cyre!
In The Talenta Plains – Gatherhold
In Thrane – Flamekeep, Thaliost
In Valenar – Taer Valaestas
In Zilargo – Korranberg, Trolanport

Preferred Customers
Benefactors of the Dragon Sisters ‘Frequent Buyer’ program receive a 10% discount off market value for items they purchase from any Dragon Sisters shop. They need only present the certification (or, more commonly, a badge containing the seal of the Dragon Sisters logo) to receive the discount at any shop across Eberron.

List of Preferred Customers: None Publicly Available

Custom Creations
We know that customers from all walks of life visit our magic item shops. Different professions require different equipment to get the job done well and, most importantly, keep you safe. That is why Dragon Sisters proudly offers customer creations at any one of our stores. Not only will your orders be filled in a timely manner, we will also loan you a (non-compounded) magic item worth up to half the value of your custom order to borrow for as long as it takes us to complete your order!

Dragon Sisters Custom Items

Our signature items are second to none! Feel free to browse the items we are proud to say have originated from our talented craftsmen.

Shoulders – Capes, cloaks, cords, mantels, pauldrons, shawls, stoles, wings, and other items worn on the shoulders.
Wrists – Armbands, bracelets, bracers, gauntlets, manacles, shackles, vambraces
Feet – Boots, horseshoes, sandals, shoes, slippers, and other items that can be worn on the feet.
Slotless – Wondrous items that you can stylishly sport anywhere!

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Cloak of Blinding Speed
Price 90,000gp; Aura moderate transmutation; CL 9th; Weight 2 lbs.

This light weight cloak has a silvery, metallic sheen and seems to glimmer out of view in the ripples of the material when it moves. On any round in which the wearer moves more than 5 ft., his movement becomes erratic as he seems to vanish and reappear with every few steps. Though you appear to vanish and reappear, the cloak actually blinks the wearer in and out of the material plane.

While under this effect, the wearer benefits from a 50% miss chance of physical attacks. If an assailant can see invisible creatures or strike ethereal creatures, the miss chance drops to 20%. If the assailant can do both, they suffer no miss chance. You also receive a +2 bonus to hit targets that cannot see invisible creatures. The wearer can also move through solid objects provided he takes at least 10 ft. of movement before reaching a solid object and he cannot end a round within a solid object. Doing so shunts the wearer to the nearest available space and he suffers 1d6 points of damage per 5 ft. moved.

The wearer also only takes half damage from falling (provided he fell at least 10 ft.) and can interact with ethereal creatures on any turn in which he moves more than 5 ft. Finally, as long as you continue moving each consecutive round, you can move in any direction, including up and down. On any round you do not move more than 5 ft., gravity takes effect and you fall to the ground at the end of your turn.

Finally, on any round the character takes at least 10 ft. of movement he can ready a standard action to respond to a single physical attack. Doing so causes the attack to automatically miss unless the assailant can also strike ethereal targets.

This movement can be by the characters own doing or by other effects, such as a successful bull rush. The cloak’s effects take place immediately after the character moves at least 10 ft.
Cost 45,000gp

Craft Wondrous Items, Blink

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Bracers of Arrow Mind
Price 4,000gp; Aura faint divination; CL 1st; Weight 1 lb.

These bracers are thinly crafted leather bracers that fit firmly on the forearms of the wearer and enhance the wearer’s ability to wield ranged weapons.

While you are wielding a projectile weapon that fires arrows, such as a longbow or shortbow, you threaten all squares within your normal melee reach (5 feet if Small or Medium, 10 feet if Large) with your bow, allowing you to make attacks of opportunity with arrows shot from the bow. In addition, you do not provoke attacks of opportunity when you shoot a bow while you are in another creature’s threatened square.
Cost 2,000gp

Craft Wondrous Items, Arrow Mind (SC p.15)

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Three Step Shoes
Price 12,000gp; Aura faint transmutation; CL 3th; Weight 2 lbs.

Though their appearance is the same as the Jaunt Boots they were designed after, don’t let their looks fool you.

When the wearer makes a 5-foot step, he can move up to 15 feet instead. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
Cost 6,000gp

Craft Wondrous Items, Jester’s Jaunt

Wondrous Items
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Infinite Quiver
Price 4,000gp; Aura faint conjuration; CL 1st; Weight 3 lbs.

Appearing to be just a normal quiver to the naked eye, the magically imbued quiver generates ammunition with little more than a thought from the wearer.

The infinite quiver can generate any nonmagical ammunition up to masterwork quality. Ammunition generated by the quiver appears as an immediate action with but a thought from the wearer. The ammunition vanishes at the end of the wearers turn the round after it leaves his possession, whether stolen or used in an attack.

Spells that can benefit weapons or ammunition, such as align weapon or greater magic weapon, can be cast on the quiver and benefit all ammunition generated by the quiver.
Cost 2,000gp

Craft Wondrous Items, Abundant Ammunition

Endless Boulder Bag
Price 6,300gp; Aura moderate conjuration; CL 9th; Weight 25 lbs.

Appearing to be a small leather pouch resembling a bag of holding, though magical the item is completely worthless unless the hand of a Giant reaches into it.

As a move action, a creature with the Giant subtype can reach into the bag and produce a boulder at will. The boulder lasts for 9 hours after thrown.
Cost 3,150gp

Craft Wondrous Items, Major Creation

Caster Shells
Price Varies; Aura Varies; CL Varies; Weight --

Caster shells are special dry load bullets that contain potent magical energy of etched runes on the bullet. When fired, each shell has a special magical effect that functions only upon successfully striking a target. Numbered with unknown purpose, each shells number is the only clue a potential shooter receives as to the function of the shell. Identifying a Caster Shells function is a Spellcraft or Use Magic Device check with a difficulty of (10 + Caster Shell Number).

While new shells are still being created, here is a list of shells currently in production:

Number 3 Shell
Price 1,567gp 5sp; Aura Major Evocation, Major Transmutation; CL 10th; Weight --

Known as the “Snap Freeze Shell”, the Number 3 brings the full force of Winter’s chill down upon its targets.

Upon firing, a successfully struck target and all those within 20’ suffer 10d6 cold damage (DC 16 Reflex halves damage). The target and 3 other enemies of the users choice also suffer the effects of Slow (DC 14 Will negates) for 5 rounds.

Spell Requirements: Fireball, Slow

Number 6 Shell
Price 1,312gp 5sp; Aura Major Evocation, Major Necromancy; CL 10th; Weight --

Known as the “Blinding Light Shell”, the Number 6 blazes so brightly it blinds its target.

Upon firing, the successfully struck target makes a Fort save (DC 14) or be blinded by the intensity of the Number 6. All those within 20’ (including the target) suffer 10d6 fire damage (DC 14 Reflex halves damage) as the bead of light explodes in the face of its target.

Spell Requirements: Blindness/Deafness, Fireball

Number 9 Shell
Price 2,700gp; Aura Major Evocation; CL 11th; Weight --

Often called the “Lightning Bolt Shell”, the Number 9 is known for the gout of lightning it creates and the roaring boom that follows almost perfectly mimicing a true lightning bolt with devastating results.

Upon firing this shell, the target successfully struck suffers 11d6 points of electricity damage (Reflex Save DC 19 for half). Up to 11 enemies within 30 feet of the target, as selected by the shooter, must make a Reflex Save (also DC 19 for half) or suffer 11d6 damage as the lightning arcs from the initial target to them.

All creatures within 30 feet of the initial target must then make a Fortitude Save (DC 17). Failure results in 5d6 points of sonic damage and deafness for 2d6 rounds. Succeeding the Fortitude save halves the damage and prevents deafness.

Spell Requirements: Chain Lightning, Shout

Number 10 Shell
Price 3,750gp; Aura Major Necromancy, Major Conjuration; CL 15th; Weight --

Referred to as the “Panic Button Shell” by those who use them, the Number 10 is the best friend you can have when the chips are down. Many adventurers are known to carry the Number 10 in a small gun attached to a wrist sheath so that it can be utilized in case of an emergency.

Upon firing, the target gains the effects of Favor of the Martyr for 10 minutes and is subject to a Heal spell (CL 15).

Spell Requirements: Favor of the Martyr, Heal

Number 11 Shell
Price 1,687gp 5sp; Aura Major Evocation, Major Abjuration; CL 9th; Weight --

Called the “Level Playing Field Shell” by those who employ its use, the Number 11 primarily used to neutralize and enemy spell caster, giving a more martially minded combatant the edge.

Upon firing this shell, a target successfully struck suffers 5d6 sonic damage and the effects of an antimagic field as the cacophony gives way to still and silence. The antimagic field lasts for 9 rounds and for all intents and purposes, it is as if the target was the caster of the antimagic field, although they cannot willingly choose to dispel the field.

Spell Requirements: Arcane Admonishment, Lesser Orb of Sound

Number 17 Shell
Price 4,537gp 5sp; Aura Major varied; CL 12th; Weight --

Unlike most shells, the Number 17 was not named by those who use it, but by those who sell it. Known as the “Suicide Mission Shell”, the Number 17 is only used by those who face insurmountable odds. Despite its ominous name and reputation, the Number 17 is the shell you want to have when all that stands between your town and a murderous horde… is you.

Upon firing, the target gains a +5 enhancement to natural armor (stacks with natural armor from other sources) for 120 minutes, a 50% displacement effect for 9 rounds, a +3 morale bonus to attack and damage for 9 rounds, an additional attack at their highest BAB when making a full attack for 9 rounds, and the effects of Favor of the Martyr for 10 minutes.

Spell Requirements: Favor of the Martyr, Righteous Wrath of the Faithful, Barkskin, Displacement

Cost Half Market Value

Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Spell Requirement Varies

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