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   Since 881 YK                                                                                Therendor 16th, 998 YK                                                                       Breland

  Greypass in Flames!

In an even that shocked the nation, the new city of Greypass was assaulted by a force of Giants. Without conditions and without warning, they descended upon the town and decimated its population. Casualty reports are still coming in but it’s believed that the city was met with almost total devastation and now lies in ruins in the wake of the attack.

The shocking turn of events transpired the evening of the first day that marked the week-long festival and grand opening of the city. Early reports indicate that an army of previously unknown Giants came upon the city in the middle of the night under cover of fog and laid siege to the city. Government sources indicate that no demands where made or any notification at all provided by the army as to terms or reasoning for the attack and the assault was unpredictable and unprovoked.

Other sources speculate that the Giant attack was a result of the city’s proximity to the Greywall Mountain range and that the Giants felt threatened by Breland expansion. What experts can’t agree upon is the size of the force or the cooperation of the many different Giant species that were reportedly taking part in the assault. There is also no shortage of worry as Giants are well known for their brute force and brutal tactics. With an army of them this large, everyone can agree that Breland faces its greatest threat since the Last War. Many are also wondering how the other nations will respond to this flagrant show of force.

The Korranberg Chronicle was able to send live reporters to the war torn area and collect statements from the few survivors that managed to escape the war zone. What individuals that were able to give comment preferred to remain anonymous but described the incident as one of the most brutal slaughters they have ever seen. The Giant army reportedly arrived in the middle of the night under cover of fog which many believe was magically induced to mask their approach. From there, contingents of trolls flooded the city while massive boulders rained from the sky providing cover. A full garrison was on hand to see the festival but they were quickly overrun as the army collapsed the gate and surged into the city.

Some eyewitness reports indicate the Gaints took no prisoners or spoils of war as they systematically and effectively swept through the city streets slaughtering all in their path. Another eye witness claims most of the survivors attempted to make for the landing area of the airships that had arrived for the festivities only to have the ships smashed to pieces by massive volleys of boulders.

The Chronicle has received the first recorded statement from the Giants passed by messenger since the attack. The statement outlines that six individuals escaped the city and the Giants are offering one hundred thousand gold pieces per person for the capture of these individuals, alive or dead. The statement makes no other mention of the reason for the assault, the intent of the army, or even the party responsible for mobilizing the force.

Korranberg Chronicle
   Since 881 YK                                                                                    Therendor 9th, 998 YK                                                                      Breland

  Greypass Now Open!

The newest city to be constructed since the end of the Last War, Greypass is a testament to the prosperity of Breland and the vision by King Boranel to rebuild his kingdom in the peaceful and prosperous times following the Last War. Greypass is a dense urban community surrounded by rich farmland.
Greypass sits nestled against the Greywall Mountains just South West of Ardev. The city will be one of the first metropolitan areas on the trade route through the mountains and is part of King Boranel’s vision for a steady trade path through the mountain pass to be constructed by a nation-wide engineering effort. King Boranel intends to prove that innovations from the war, despite initial militant intent, can be utilized in times of peace to facilitate cooperation and prosperity.
To celebrate the grand opening of the city after construction is completed, King Boranel has decreed that the city is to take part in a week long festival of trade and prosperity. Lodging and food will be provided for all travelers and settlers will receive a stipend for relocating to the new city. Once more, merchants from all over have been invited to sell their wares and both merchants and citizens will benefit from a royal subsidy to keep prices low.To attend, travelers need only provide their papers at the gate to the King’s Shields to gain admittance. In true Breland fashion, all races from all social classes will be allowed to attend and mingle among one another. The city itself will play host to one of the largest compliments of the King’s Royal Army since the Last War as a showing that Breland can not only construct but also guarantee the safety and security of her citizens.
Last, and most certainly not least, many local and foreign dignitaries are slated to be in attendance at the opening week of the city. Greypass’ initial week-long festival should see the largest gathering of nobles since the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold. Representatives from all Dragonmarked Houses have also sent word that they will be sending their own representatives to partake of the festivities and engage in building new and profitable relationships.

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