High Queen Valenia Verde Ir'Wynarn

The 2nd Child


Those close to her call her Nia.

My father was a hero.
He was a renowned fighter, both with the bow and with the sword. He was honorable, noble and kind. He was someone who you either feared or looked up to.

I know of the time he fought off hordes of undead and single handedly saved his comrades from certain doom. I’ve been told the story of how he fought on a ship and was victorious over dozens of monstrous creatures. I’ve heard the tale of how he loved my mother past even his death; but I’ve never heard his name.

I’ve also heard thousands of tales about Eberron—its beauty, its wonder and its mystery. I’ve often dreamt of what traveling on my own would be like and can hardly wait to leave the nest behind. I want to meet all the various races and people that bustle in the cities and in the forests. I want to meet the Elves who helped make me Deathless and thank them for the gift. I want to someday open the largest and most luxurious Inn that all of Eberron has seen. I want to play my pipa in the common room as people dance and laugh. I want to make my mother proud—I can’t disappoint her like Vallen did.


• Cheerful and happy
• Always assumes and thinks the best of people first
• Seems to always see the silver lining

Things I Know
• I’m a Riftwalker.
• Can manipulate the rifts and close them or tear them open
• Tearing rifts in Eberron weakens the fabric
• Closing rifts in Eberron strengthens them
• Banish doesn’t work on creatures coming from the rifts
• No one over 100 yrs old can be a rift walker it’s impossible
• Know about the past with the Dragon Prophecy
• Dragon stone destroyed and rifts open letting creatures in
• No one has been born with a dragon mark in the last 100 yrs
• Vallen was born before me and had already left the nest by the time I was born.
• I’m the closest with my two younger brothers – Destro and Dallen.
• Adella and I don’t get along great, but still love each other.
• Adalla and I get along great
• I know of the Dragon continent and that Arianna was banished from it for helping the humans.
• My granddad was a powerful dragon that was murdered. I don’t know what happened to my grandmother.
• On paternal side all family is dead. Only living relative left is my Aunt Esther. Had lots of cousins, but they were all killed in the Cataclysm by the Fey Queen.
• If anyone claims to be Esther I can confirm by asking a code question.
• Things that burst through via Rifts are called Kaijus.
• Know about the Dragon Sister’s shop and that is mainly weapons and armor now because of the Rifts.
• I know about lightning rail and that it’s mostly military controlled with hired Riftwalkers to protect it.

High Queen Valenia Verde Ir'Wynarn

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