On Hallowed Ground

Tragedy in Greypass!

Newly founded city razed to the ground by unknown assailants

Tragedy struck the newly minted city of Greypass during the first night of its grand opening festival. The city was constructed to be a testament to Breland’s prosperity and the vision of her king, but no one could have foreseen what would happen just a few short hours after the gates were opened to the public. A force of trolls and giants swept through the town in the middle of the night raining fiery boulders and death upon those within the city’s walls. Hundreds of lives were lost in this unspeakable atrocity, and we are thus far unaware of those responsible for this most heinous of deeds. Was this attack the fiendish plot of some troll chieftain eager to show his power to Breland and her people? Or was this simply the overture of a more odious opus, composed by a devil still lying in wait behind the curtain?


Give that bitch some XP…bitches love XP!

Tragedy in Greypass!

+1 for alliteration at the end, this is awesome. XP INCOMING!

Tragedy in Greypass!

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