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Changes Since Game 6

Note The Site Update has taken some tweaking to get everything looking somewhat normal, bear with me.

Changes Since Game 1

  • If you haven’t read Nitroman801’s killer adventure log post yet, you should
  • New Main Page is updated
  • Breland has a new article published (and now links to the archive)
  • Started Countries (click on Breland on the map, it links to the page… eventually this will be the main portal for countries)
  • Dragon Sisters Shop now has a new item, lists all their locations, and a special shout out to favorite clients
  • Updated the Campaign Home Page page with a nifty new picture
  • Character Creation now has rules for if your character gets dead (pro-tip: don’t get dead)
  • Added a link to a page I saw with some good ideas for equipment under Resources
  • Made a new topic on the Forums for chit chat
  • Created Notes page which includes session recap and NPCs with a one way ticket to Khyber courtesy of the PCs
  • Qskie has notifications enabled so I’m sure his mailbox is flooded with emails, might want to opt out

Going Forward…

  • “Second Tier” pages will be built out like the main page
  • Eventually every country will be accessible through the map with their own page
  • Duck Warforged Make Money

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