The Dark Place
Game 1 – Hill Giant (x2), Troll Barbarian 2, Troll Fighter 1 (x5), Tripod
Game 2 – Karnnathi Zombies (x10), Karnnathi Skeletons (x10), Shadow (x5), Mohrg
Game 3 – Frost Troll (x5), Stone Giant (x10), Hill Giant (x6), Troll (x7)
Game 4 – Frost Drake (x5), Forest Drake (x4), Frost Drake (x7), Jyoti (x9), Inevitable – Kolyarut (x3)

Game 14 – Overview

  • PCs engage the Esmerelda copies only to find out she just “wanted to talk”
  • PCs chit chat while Esmerelda smashes the Dragon Stone
  • The Avatar comes down and collects the pieces from Esmerelda
  • PCs kill the avatars of the Lords of Hell
  • The Avatar collects those that are marked for the Siberys mark and gives them the pieces of the dragon stone
  • PCs spend time plotting and planning in the timeless plane Sophie created with Red Siren
  • PCs resurrect Kronus and make plans for war

Game 14 Rewards
Current XP – 6,702,400
XP to Next Level – 9,600,000

Game 13 – Overview

  • Kai goes to talk to Esmerelda, she rips away her tattoo and kills Kronus
  • PCs throw a party
  • Sophie meets her real mother and finds out about the Prince of Thorns
  • Thorn is an heirloom passed down through her family
  • Sophie’s mother is Niranle Vadallia and her father was Shaeras Vadallia
  • PCs exit the timeless plane to vision of Esmerelda threatening (and in Scorch’s case killing) their family and friends

Game 13 Rewards
Current XP – 5,800,000
XP to Next Level – 9,600,000

Game 12 – Overview

  • PCs stomped the demon special that demolished the Karrnath front lines
  • Rey was killed in the ensuing conflict
  • PCs went back to Malice who asked the PCs to bring Thrane into the conflict
  • PCs went to Thrane in an attempt to appeal to their leadership
  • The Avatar of the Silver Flame offered the Undead a chance to come “back into the light”
  • PCs whooped his ass and sent him packing
  • PCs then cast an epic spell to make the entire Silver Flame council believe the Avatar gave his backing to Raither
  • Keeper of the Flame took the artifacts in exchange for her silence
  • Kronus, Kai’s former husband, was upset and talked with Kai before he left

Game 12 Rewards
Current XP – 4,800,000
XP to Next Level – 9,600,000

XP Reward – 819,200 per person
GP Reward – 448,000gp per person

Game 11 – Overview

  • PCs plotted, planned, and picked up a new friend to fight the Prince of Thorns
  • PCs slew the Prince of Thorns in an epic battle and trapped him in a soul jar
  • PCs missed the super cool death speech PoT had
  • PCs took some down time to train and spend time with loved ones
  • Kai got a message from her sister and the PCs teleported on the scene to find a horde of demons and a dead sister

Game 11 Rewards
XP Reward – PCs gained 7 Levels, should have gone from CR 15 to CR 23 (Effectively Level 14 to 21) – Includes Mid Game Level
GP Reward – The Crown of Thorns and Thorn

Game 10 – Overview

  • PCs meet with the Queen of Aundair and recruit a new General, Brother Malice
  • PCs meet with the head of Thrane to discuss a very loose Alliance and realize she’s more on their side than they thought
  • PCs have an encounter with Demons
  • The Prince of Thorns kidnaps Raziel, Esmerelda takes Sophie
  • The Prince of Thorns attempts to “negotiate” for the release of Sophie and Raziel
  • PCs convince him to fight them in 48 hours, he returns them both a few hours later
  • PCs realize Sophie and Raziel no longer have their tattoos, both try to will them back into existence
  • Prince of Thorns announces that Red Siren is pregnant

Game 10 Rewards
XP Reward – 166,800xp (per player)
GP Reward – PCs will each have 2.5 million gold pieces in gear to allocate

Game 9 – Overview

  • PCs realize Prince of Thorns set them up to reveal the slugs
  • PCs are able to free the King of Breland
  • Boranel agrees to sponsor Raither as the new King of Khorvaire replacing Galifor
  • PCs are able to free all the other world leaders and get them to agree

Game 9 Rewards
XP Reward – 166,800xp (per player)
GP Reward – SOON

Game 8 Rewards
XP Reward – 123,500xp (per player)
GP Reward – 64,327gp (per player)

Game 7 – Overview

  • PCs stop Kaius’ attack on the summit
  • PCs realize Red Siren’s plan
  • PCs head to the rift in the mournland to check out the rift

Game 7 Rewards
XP Reward – 342,160xp (per player)
GP Reward – SOON

Game 6 – Overview

  • PCs head to mountain fortress
  • PCs engage patrols that refortify the weather
  • PCs storm the castle
  • PCs free the King
  • PCs stumble into a Nymph who knows Sophie

Game 6 Rewards
XP Reward – 70,400xp (includes adventure log)
GP Reward – 1,228,500gp (2,457,000gp in goods) – 245,700gp per player

Game 5 – Overview

  • PCs head back to Goblin Kingdom
  • PCs engage and lose to Red Siren and her crew
  • Red Siren gives the PCs the location of the Breland King

Game 5 Rewards
XP Reward – 5,000xp (includes adventure log)

Game 4 – Overview

  • PCs took the Prosperity out for her maiden voyage to meet up with the Breland navy
  • PCs were attacked by Inevitables which killed the Captain
  • Before escaping the ship, the last Inevitable destroyed the ships wheel
  • PCs called the King of Breland who sent an Artificer to repair the ship
  • PCs joined up with the fleet and flew into the storm and the heart of the Droaam army
  • The Breland navy was overwhelmed by the flying hordes of Droaam and were soundly routed
  • PCs went back to Glyphstone Keep and reported what had happened
  • Arianna showed up and discussed future plans with the PCs
  • PCs decided to go after the King
  • Possible future plans:
    • Scoop up a Goblin horde with which to join the Droaam army
    • Attack the Droaam army in skirmishes to figure out what happened to the King
    • Keep in touch with Breland military to see if they can find out where the King is and go in to rescue him
    • Head to Karrnath and research the Dragon Marks at the College
    • Make contact with the Blood of Vol to begin infiltrating their ranks
    • Infiltrate the Karrnath military to attempt to overthrow (and assassinate) Kiaus

Game 4 Rewards
XP Reward – 33,400xp (includes adventure log)
GP Reward – 11,198gp (includes all sold and liquid currency)

Game 3 – Overview

  • PCs meet the Giant horde head on at the gates of Ardev
  • PCs soundly defeat the contingent of Giants sent to stomp out Ardev
  • PCs discover how the “soul pool” which powers their tattoos work (currently ~320 HD of souls)
  • Sophie discovers her synergy with Raziel
  • Scorch spends some time with Arianna in her pocket dimension to build advanced firearms and become a half dragon to begin courting her
  • King Boranel personally receives the PCs report when they reach out to contact him
  • King delivers some interesting news to Raither and Kai
  • PCs relief arrives in Ardev and they head back to the Castle Arakhain
  • King Boranel once again asks the PC to travel on an airship and meet a possible incoming army from Droaam
    • PCs are to repel the army from the airship with strategic bombing runs
    • PCs are told they can keep the airship after the engagement for services rendered
    • Route point for the battle in the event of a retreat is Glyphstone Keep

Game 3 Rewards

  • XP Reward – 27,600xp
  • GP Reward – 20,427gp + 7sp (reward for selling goods from invading army)

Game 2 – Overview

  • Raither confronted by Greypass Stranger in a “dream”
  • PCs convene in the galley to discuss future plans and agree to not reveal their marks to anyone in addition to discovering that every PC is connected to two others
  • PCs speak with the King’s main advisor Lord Malkin ir’Shryn and explain what happened at Greypass
  • King Boranel himself arrives to hear what happened from the PCs and pays them for services rendered
  • King also grants the PCs a mercenary business license for legal work in Breland
  • King hires PCs to head to Ardev and keep watch / protect the city since the Giant Army is close
  • PCs arrive to find suspicious guards telling them to leave and are jumped by zombies and skeletons while taking them out
  • PCs comb through the town fighting Karrnathi undead along the way and confront the Necromancer converting all of the townsfolk
  • PCs manage to save 400 of the townsfolk who are being held in buildings after converting a Mohrg
  • Raither discovers his synergy with Kai
  • Raither learns an interesting piece of information about his past
  • PCs sell equipment to Dragon Sisters
  • PCs see Giant army at night and activate the sending stone they were provided only to watch it explode hundreds of feet in the sky alerting the army to their presence
  • Game ends with PCs seeing the torches of the army changing direction and heading straight for them

Game 2 Rewards

  • XP Reward – 8,605xp (included additional XP for adventure log post, painted figurines and folded walls)
  • GP Reward – 50,537gp + 5sp (reward for selling goods from invading army)
  • Free Room and Board at any Inn in Ardev

Game 1 – Overview

  • PCs arrive at Greypass which is opening with a week long festival
  • PCs meet up outside the city and are watched by a man from the shadows
  • PCs play in the festival games scoring some sweet equipment from the ring toss
  • PCs find a platinum coin from a stranger who allegedly is filling the citizens pockets to bolster morale
  • PCs all wake to the agonizing appearance of a Dragon Mark on their bodies
  • Greypass comes under attack the first night by an army of Giants
  • Tripod is crushed to death as the hotel Gateway comes under heavy artillery fire
  • PCs manage to beat back an ample amount of Trolls to escape to the Air Ship Landing Field
  • PCs find one ship remaining, owned by the Dragon Sisters, and manage to escape with them
  • PCs battle two Hill Giants and are victorious while the air shape scrambles for safety
  • Kord unceremoniously throws Scorch under a bus by revealing his Dragon Mark
  • Dragon Sisters speak with PCs and tell them of the apocolyptic prophecy their new Dragon Marks fortell
  • Dragon Sisters decipher words from the Dragon Marks that represent the Dragon Prophecy (DC 30 Spellcraft check)
    • Kai – Plague, Kord – Marauder, Scorch – Calamity, Raither – Draught, Raziel – Catastrophe, Sophie – Consumption
    • All marks share the words Khyber and Ending

Game 1 Rewards

  • XP Reward – 3,605xp
    (Includes additional XP for GMJJ’s papercraft, Crimson Warden shenanigans, and Dragon name antics
  • GP Reward – 6,450gp
    (Reward provided by the Breland King for services rendered)
  • Dragon Sisters Preferred Customer Membership – PCs can purchase items at 10% off market value


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