Capital: Wroat
Population: 37,000,000 (44% Humans)
Ruler: King Boranel ir’Wynarn
Major Faiths: Silver Flame and Sovereign Host

Notable Locations
Sharn, City of Towers – Major metropolis built on manifest zone
Wroat, Brelish Capital – Center of trade and commerce
New Cyre, Refugee City – The remnants of the once mighty Cyre nation

Korranberg Chronicle
   Since 881 YK                                                                                Therendor 20th, 998 YK                                                                       Breland Archive

  Open Conflict in the West!

We have recently received reports of skirmishes breaking out all over West Breland. While the initial conflict was within the shadow of the Greywall Mountain Range, the Giant army has begun slowly spreading out and claiming territory within the heart of Breland.

While the nation’s army is mostly in reserve since the ending of the Last War, the troops are once again being rallied for the country and Breland troops are readily taking up arms once again to keep their homeland safe.

While the nation of Droaam recently gained independence from the ceded territory Breland yielded in the treaty that ended the last war, the monsters do not seem content with their territory and have begun advancing further East. While wounds of the Last War are still fresh in the hearts and minds of the people, the military will be hard pressed to respond to the nation of monsters.

One thing is certain, no one expected the nation of monster would be able to hold together long enough to mount a full scale assault much less pull together an army as quickly as they have. Many are speculating on what kind of truly terrifying force could possibly hold together a nation of monsters and what remains waiting within the wild kingdom.

While all eyes remain on Breland, the people can’t help but turn a watchful eye to the borders. With the Droaam army seeping in through the Western border, many are whispering wild rumors that they are receiving help from another nation that intends to use the conflict as a distraction for a full assault.

Recent reports indicate that the Droaam Army is an imposing threat which means many of Breland’s troops that have been stationed across the border are being pulled in to meet the army head on. If that is the case, it means her border patrol will be weakened and possibly susceptible to assault should any of the other Countries wish to break the peace treaty that has held since the end of the Last War.

Many already fear that one of the staunchest enemies of the Last War, Karrnath, have their eye on Breland during the open conflict and are awaiting the opportunity to stop. While the Crown is assuring everyone that steps have been taken to ensure that peace remains between the Nations, the potency and recover of the Karrnath army since the Last War remains a mystery. Many speculate that Karrnath will not have had enough time to recuperate from the losses and more still have no desire to test the theory.

If war is upon us. we can only pray for our soldiers and a swift and decisive victory.


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