On Hallowed Ground

Tragedy in Greypass!
Newly founded city razed to the ground by unknown assailants

Tragedy struck the newly minted city of Greypass during the first night of its grand opening festival. The city was constructed to be a testament to Breland’s prosperity and the vision of her king, but no one could have foreseen what would happen just a few short hours after the gates were opened to the public. A force of trolls and giants swept through the town in the middle of the night raining fiery boulders and death upon those within the city’s walls. Hundreds of lives were lost in this unspeakable atrocity, and we are thus far unaware of those responsible for this most heinous of deeds. Was this attack the fiendish plot of some troll chieftain eager to show his power to Breland and her people? Or was this simply the overture of a more odious opus, composed by a devil still lying in wait behind the curtain?

Ardev, The Unlikely Stronghold
Recently devastated by two separate attacks the city and its people remain strong

The city of Ardev, home to nearly 1600 citizens was the newest edition to the recent list of attacks against the fair nation of Breland. Reports have come estimating the death toll to be nearly 1200 of the cities inhabitants. The manner in which these 1200 poor souls were dispatched from this world has been vague thus far, but rumors abound and seem to share one similarity. Undead. It is at this moment uncertain if these rumors can be substantiated, but this reporter believes there may be cause for concern about our Eastern “allies” in Karnath.

Not two days after the undead incursion into this city, the giant army that recently ravaged the fledgling city of Greypass sent a force to assault Ardev. The giants and their forces were beaten back and vanquished by a small group under the employ of the crown.

If this long list of horrible news was not enough, now war is brewing with the barbarous bands of Droaam. Droaam has long been a problem for the kingdom and now that the murderous minions of the cruel hags have begun to beat the drums of war, I fear more dark days lie ahead.

The question that still remains unanswered is who is pulling the strings? The orchestra has begun to play and if the song plays for much longer, I fear for the safety of our people.

Experiment 6

My experiments with my bombs lately have been successful, but with this “discovery” I am hoping that it may prove more useful in the future of combat and my other plans…My earlier experiments focused on working to make my bombs and forumlae more useful for my comrades. I would consider these very helpful and have prided myself on my ability to work the chemicals in such a way to achieve this. But this, this experiment has proven to be my greatest achievement to date. Albeit I can’t really think that EVERYONE will see the benefit to this-at least not initially. My greatest fear is Raither finding out about what I have created and ultimately hating not only it, but myself. It is a risk that I have to take though as this could be an ally to take the hits in combat and focus attention away from him and others (although I know he would never think of it that way). It’s the best way I can work to create protection for him…

To be frank, it seems as though I have created a bomb that when it strikes a dead creature, they will rise again and become a zombie under my control. The first test had less than a stellar outcome and resulted in a literally mindless creation stumbling around. It did understand the commands of attack-but provided absolutely no intellectual stimulation. I mean, I do need someone to talk to during the night-it gets lonely sometimes with everyone else sleeping; but I digress. With the failure of the first zombie, I was forced to paralyze and rekill him and try again. This time I reread the books I have on the Karrnath zombies, tweaked the mixture, and hoped for the best and by The Traveler was provided with an absolute success! He can talk, has his own thoughts, and seems much stronger than the previous zombie. He wishes to be called ZedOne and although is less than good aligned now, he seems to be “warming” up to the idea of not murdering everyone we encounter. He follows directions magnificently and is sometimes polite, which is always a bonus. He does frighten easily, but to be fair Sophie did pull her sword on him and chase him down the hallway-I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same in his situation.

The rest of my comrades seem to be apprehensive around him, which is to be expected. The Mohrg we had under Raither’s control was only able to be trusted because he was dominated, and while I do hold control over ZedOne, what he is capable of is yet unaccounted. I will continue working on him and hopefully over time we can ALL be more trusting of each other.

Till my next experiment; remember the past, scheme for the future, always acquire knowledge and disregard the non-believers.

Droaam Marches on Breland!
Stunning defeat leaves Brelish forces scrambling

Tragedy strikes Breland yet again as the monstrous forces of Droaam met with the Brelish army. Breland’s forces were readily ravaged by the relentless raiders leaving a lone ship to tell the tale. On top of this horrific news, King Boranel ir’Wynarn, who led the forces into battle, has been captured by the savage horde. With the army scattered and leaderless, who can save us in our hour of darkness?

Daring Jailbreak Frees Captured King!
A daring raid rescues Brelish king in Greypass Mountains

A daring assault launched on a giant fortress in the Greywall Mountains has succeeded in rescuing the Brelish king, King Boranel ir’Wynarn, from the clutches of his monstrous captors. Guarded by fearsome giants and deadly blue dragons, the heroic group assaulted the fortress. Outnumbered 10-to-1 the heroes faced certain death, but they knew a chance of saving the king was worth taking on this suicide mission. King Boranel’s return is the first legitimate ray of hope in this thus far devastating conflict with the horrific host which holds hostage considerable portions of Western Breland. As the country struggles to defend itself from this massive invasion, the question on everyone’s mind is: Who are these brave heroes, and do they hold the key to stopping the Droaam army?

Experiment 7-8

From my last experiment (which is going so well I might add), I have decided to try bigger and better things. After our last battle in which we freed the King of Breland, I found myself with the corpses of two Blue Dragons. Well you imagine my surprise at having received such fantastic specimens on which to work my zombie experiment. It was costly and took some time, but I do believe they have turned out splendidly. But now to my exciting and much more personal experiment….

I have been dabbling with the idea of making a contingency plan since I seem to not have my phylactery…or at least are not in possession of it at this time. Basically I came up with the idea from my zombies. when I use my recent discovery to make a zombie, essentially I am taking a shell or husk if you will of the person who used to “live” there and imbuing it again with their essence. So I began thinking, would it be possible to do this with myself? Making a complete copy of myself that would function exactly as I do know, but should something happen, my consciousness would be transported back to my “real” body. The idea delights me so and so this is what I am doing tonight. I think I have all the components and necessary elixirs to perform this, but I won’t know exactly how it works for sometime. I am working to make the body, since of course I don’t have a supply myself laying about…yet. But should all things go properly, I should a perfect replica of myself.

In continuing my thinking on this subject, in the way that I make zombies from dead bodies, since my own bodies I make will function as though they are “dead”, in theory I should be able to produce zombie Kais. The idea is absolutely brilliant…I do have to say I might have outdone myself on this experiment and the idea of having another one of myself pleases me so very much. I shall have to report back with the outcome, hopefully this time my comrades don’t have quite the problem adjusting to these discoveries….

Monstrous Regime Changes: What New Warlords Mean For Breland
New Warlords in Droaam and Darguun Make Political Waves


Warlords have dropped like flies in the recent days in Droaam and Darguun. The vile hag coven leading the Droaam army has been violently removed from power by a woman calling herself Esmerelda. The presence of this new leader seems to have strengthened the resolve of the Droaam army and bolstered its numbers. Although the motives of this Esmerelda are unknown, it seems things have gone from bad to worse on the Droaam front.

Better news has come out of the South in Darguun. The three goblin tribes in Darguun have been miraculously brought together under the leadership of goblins named Scorch and Red Siren. Although the leaders have only recently come on to the scene as political players, it has come to light that Scorch was a member of the heroes who rescued King Boranel ir’Wynarn from the Droam army several days ago.

What effects these new leaders will have on the fate of Breland is unknown, but only time will tell as leaders from around Khorvaire arrive for a summit with King Boranel.

The Gates of Hell
Attack on Brelish forces by Karnathi strike team overshadowed by terrifying new events

With war raging in the West and new hostilities emerging with Karnath, reports have surfaced of hellish gateways ripping open all over Khorvaire, spewing demons in an unending tide of destruction and death.

After a summit of Khorvairian leaders assembled, a bold assault by Karnathi forces was launched at the keep, slaying dozens. It is as this point uncertain why King Kiaus was not invited to the summit, but clearly this decision lead to the assault today. Another enemy is something Breland can ill afford with the armies of Droaam still wrecking havoc in the West, and whatever plan may have been in place with this summit has accomplished nothing but further weakening Breland.

To add to this dire situation, reports are coming in of portals opening to other planes releasing demons on the countryside. Experts are baffled by what could be causing these rifts, but whatever is at work is causing devastation acrossed Khorvaire. Thus far these rifts appear to be temporary, but some experts believe that these rifts could become permanent if whatever is causing them is allowed to continue.

King Kaius Killed!
Kaius Ir'Wynarn slain, succeeded by heir Raither Monteverde


News today from Karnath announces the death of King Kaius ir’Wynarn III, and the succession of the previously unknown heir, Raither Monteverde. The newly crowned king of Karnath was recently recognized as the heir by his father after spending his formative years outside of the public eye. Citizens of Breland may recognize his name as it was revealed that Raither was, until recently, a member of our fine country as well as one of the courageous heroes that rescued King Boranel ir’Wynarn. The news of his passing has been met with mixed feelings amongst the people of Khorvaire. Despite his dedication to peace and upholding the Treaty of Thronehold after the last war, Kaius was still disliked for his continued use of undead throughout Karnath. With his passing, the people of Karnath and the Five Nations can look to this newly crowned sovereign with hope. He has already proved himself a true friend to Breland, and fought against the Droaam menace for the good of Khorvaire. As the entire continent finds itself in its hour of need, we look to heroes such as Raither and hope that they can lead us through this darkness and back to the light.

King Raither ir’Wynarn's Address to the Nation

“You have given me the title of High King of Khorvaire. I am your King.”

“What will make me strong is not the position you have given me, but rather the strength of my allies. And with the strength of us united—we will destroy the demon horde and make Khorvaire safe for our people once more.”

“You are no longer just diplomats, warriors and citizens—you are my friends. And friends, we go to war!”


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