Raither's Loot


Hat of Disguise – Head Slot
Headband of Allure- Headband Slot
- Eyes Slot
Cloak of Resistance – Shoulders Slot
Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location – Neck Slot
- Chest Slot
- Body Slot
- Armor Slot
Healing Belt – Belt Slot
Bracers of Arrow Minded Armor- Wrist Slot
Gloves of Natural Armor- Hands Slot
Boots of the Cat – Feet Slot

Ring of Sustaining Feather Fall- Ring
Cat of Nine Lives- Ring

Handy Haversack – Slotless
Everfull Mug – Slotless
Abundant Quiver – Slotless
Greatbow of Prowess – Slotless
Crystals for Armor – Slotless


add deflection +5 to ring
add seeking on bow, makes it +7 to +8
tomes for CHA, STR, DEX
(eye slot) goggles of true sight
permanency arcane sight
(chest slot) Mantle of Spell Resistance with Spectral Shroud on it as well
(body slot) Body Wrap of Mighty Strikes with Robe of Blending

Raither's Loot

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