Calamity, The Oncoming Storm

Legacy Revolver

weapon (ranged)

Omen: Audible
– When Calamity is drawn, it makes the sound of thunder rolling in the distance is heard ( at 0:17)
– When Calamity is fired, it makes the sound of a thunderclap from clouds right above you.

• 5th – +1 Revolver
• 6th – Mage Hunter (Detect Magic, Read Magic, and Arcane Mark at will)
• 7th –
• 8th – +1 Magebane Revolver
• 9th –
• 10th – By Blood Be Done (Cure Moderate Wounds [Self], 1/day)
• 11th – Fire in the Sky (Scorching Ray at will)
• 12th – +1 Magebane Distance Revolver
• 13th – Winds of Change (Cunning, never be caught flat-footed)
• 14th –
• 15th – Lightning Bolt (Lightning bolt, 3/day)
• 16th – Storm’s Ascension (Fly, 1/day)
• 17th – +3 Magebane Distance Revolver
• 18th – By Blood Undone (Heal [Self], 1/day)
• 19th –
• 20th – +5 Shocking Magebane Distance Revolver

Culling the Weak (Least) – The gales of the storm do not suffer the weak to live, and the power of the Oncoming Storm cannot be wielded by the weak of heart. Suffer 4 times your HD or sacrifice 2 times your HD in damage during combat. (1700 gp)
Calling Down the Thunder (Lesser) – Blood magic is the purest form of magic, and those who think they possess “true power” with their arcane tricks need to be reminded of their lesser station in the cosmos. Slay an arcane caster of an equal or greater CR than yours while using a spell during the combat, proving blood magic is the strongest.
Eye of the Storm (Greater) – Although the power of the storm is unquestioned, mercy can also be found within it. During a combat, you must hold back from killing an enemy combatant that tried to kill you.


Born in battle and possessed by the spirits of the thunderclouds, Calamity brings death to those who incur her wrath and leaves nothing but devastation in her wake.

Calamity, The Oncoming Storm

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