Prince of Thorns


Prince of Thorns is a legend in the Fairy Realm. Revered as a God by some, he is one of the few Fey that can leave the plane of his own accord and often does to venture to other planes and recruit potential lost souls for his own twisted Fairy court. He is known for granting the wishes of mortals in exchange for their eternal servitude.

The Prince of Thorns is unmatched in combat and rumor holds he’s never been defeated. He wields a weapon called Thorn as fluidly as his own chaotic personality. He is said to be accomplished in every form of magic ever created and can master even the most difficult of combat techniques by simply watching them in action for but a few turns.

His most recent acquisition was Esmerelda, an extremely powerful Fey who had a large following within his plane. He is rumored to have bested her using his extensive knowledge of Fey Court politics and bound her to his service for an unknown length of time. Of course, it’s now well known that she was able to turn the tables on him and he now does her bidding in Eberron.


Prince of Thorns

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