General Armonith Ordel

"non nobis, sed omnibus" not for us, but for all of us


    My name is General Armonith Ordel and I have accomplished brilliant, amazing, stupendous and terrifying achievements in my time. Many may come to praise my name, or possibly damn it for eternity of which I am not sure. I might as well start at the beginning of this long drawn out tale.

     As a child growing up in Karrnath one thing was always certain, eventually I would become a tool of the undead army. In my formative years, I made sure that the tool I would become was not food. I studied laboriously and without pause for decades, my knowledge of the world would allow me to serve as a great commander, liaison, and fighter for my country. After all, if knowledge is power then I was aiming to become omnipotent.

     My family offered me to Karrnath’s military might at the age of 50. I served diligently acting as a simple spellslinger for just one year before being promoted to my first leadership position. An obedient servant is great, but a competent commander is difficult to beat. I did not care about crushing uprisings and other militaries so much as streamlining my country’s efficiency. Others could surely do my job, but I was flawless. I was defeating greater forces not through greater numbers, but through better tactics and with fewer losses. Why waste the bodies of the dead, it takes time for us to cultivate the body for preparation. I continued this process for over two centuries becoming well known for brutal, calculated strikes.

     In time, I became a general and gained fame, prestige and power for my family, my country and my king. When I heard that he was looking for a competent servant I told him that he needed to look no further and that I would do anything to serve my country. He looked at me and said, “Anything?” with a grin. I will never regret the decision to become what I am now. This modification will allow me to spend an eternity looking for answers to questions not yet asked.

General Armonith Ordel

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