On Hallowed Ground

The Gates of Hell

Attack on Brelish forces by Karnathi strike team overshadowed by terrifying new events

With war raging in the West and new hostilities emerging with Karnath, reports have surfaced of hellish gateways ripping open all over Khorvaire, spewing demons in an unending tide of destruction and death.

After a summit of Khorvairian leaders assembled, a bold assault by Karnathi forces was launched at the keep, slaying dozens. It is as this point uncertain why King Kiaus was not invited to the summit, but clearly this decision lead to the assault today. Another enemy is something Breland can ill afford with the armies of Droaam still wrecking havoc in the West, and whatever plan may have been in place with this summit has accomplished nothing but further weakening Breland.

To add to this dire situation, reports are coming in of portals opening to other planes releasing demons on the countryside. Experts are baffled by what could be causing these rifts, but whatever is at work is causing devastation acrossed Khorvaire. Thus far these rifts appear to be temporary, but some experts believe that these rifts could become permanent if whatever is causing them is allowed to continue.



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