On Hallowed Ground

Prince of Thorns Defeated!

High King and courageous companions fell crazed Fey prince

The past weeks have seen much activity in the wake of High King Raither’s coronation, most notably the summit of the Khorvairan kings (and queens) as well as the return of Brother Malice, a highly decorated tactician as well as an expert on the denizens of Khyber. But even those events pale in comparison to the news that is now sweeping Khorvaire, the maniacal Prince of Thorns has been slain in a fight to the death by High King Raither and his illustrious companions. Some of the world’s most powerful people were in attendance for this showdown, and rumor has it that the show even convinced the famous Dragon Sisters to return Khorvaire, ending their unexplained sabbatical. Sources also report that Arianna supplied our heroes with a vast majority of their equipment.

This good news has been sorely needed as the demon incursions have begun to intensify in frequency and ferocity across the continent. Rumor has even spread to the capital that the fiendish Prince of Thorns and his mysterious mistress, known only as Esmerelda, have made an alliance with the demon host and have been creating fey-demon hybrids. The Host only knows if these rumors are true, but for the sake of every soul in Khorvaire, let us hope the High King and his commanders can find a way to defeat them.



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