On Hallowed Ground

Monstrous Regime Changes: What New Warlords Mean For Breland

New Warlords in Droaam and Darguun Make Political Waves


Warlords have dropped like flies in the recent days in Droaam and Darguun. The vile hag coven leading the Droaam army has been violently removed from power by a woman calling herself Esmerelda. The presence of this new leader seems to have strengthened the resolve of the Droaam army and bolstered its numbers. Although the motives of this Esmerelda are unknown, it seems things have gone from bad to worse on the Droaam front.

Better news has come out of the South in Darguun. The three goblin tribes in Darguun have been miraculously brought together under the leadership of goblins named Scorch and Red Siren. Although the leaders have only recently come on to the scene as political players, it has come to light that Scorch was a member of the heroes who rescued King Boranel ir’Wynarn from the Droam army several days ago.

What effects these new leaders will have on the fate of Breland is unknown, but only time will tell as leaders from around Khorvaire arrive for a summit with King Boranel.



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