On Hallowed Ground

King Kaius Killed!

Kaius Ir'Wynarn slain, succeeded by heir Raither Monteverde


News today from Karnath announces the death of King Kaius ir’Wynarn III, and the succession of the previously unknown heir, Raither Monteverde. The newly crowned king of Karnath was recently recognized as the heir by his father after spending his formative years outside of the public eye. Citizens of Breland may recognize his name as it was revealed that Raither was, until recently, a member of our fine country as well as one of the courageous heroes that rescued King Boranel ir’Wynarn. The news of his passing has been met with mixed feelings amongst the people of Khorvaire. Despite his dedication to peace and upholding the Treaty of Thronehold after the last war, Kaius was still disliked for his continued use of undead throughout Karnath. With his passing, the people of Karnath and the Five Nations can look to this newly crowned sovereign with hope. He has already proved himself a true friend to Breland, and fought against the Droaam menace for the good of Khorvaire. As the entire continent finds itself in its hour of need, we look to heroes such as Raither and hope that they can lead us through this darkness and back to the light.



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