On Hallowed Ground

Journal Entry 73

No experiments this time…more so observations on recent changes happening among myself and my comrades. It seems as though through magical means we have been able to greatly increase the power each of us wields. It is also becoming more and more painfully obvious the weight of this war upon us all. Of course it completely helps when you spend years upon years fighting, training, and pouring over a wealth of knowledge in a demi-plane to reach those scales of power, but still we are changed in our powers now. Were I able, I would run away to that plane forever…once the hell beasts were vanquished things continued on quite peacefully. It’s amazing what having some time away from fighting and the end of the world can do one’s “soul”. Also, I can’t say it wasn’t sublime to have so much time with Raither away from the pressures and other worldly influences. To feel what it was to be normal again, but then as they always do, all good things must come to an end. Once we left the plane, we received a distressing call from Rey that they were being attacked through a rift that opened in front of them.

We made our way there and when we arrived, it was crushing to see her lifeless body lying on the battlefield. Once we defeated the monsters plaguing the area, Ordel made a valiant attempt to raise her, but to no avail. I cannot express how it feels to have something you at first didn’t know existed come crashing into your life with such meaning only to be ripped away so suddenly. The other sisters met back up with us and to say the exchange was heated would be an understatement…Bo and Tau have decided to leave, fight what they can, but have their lives as their own. Mel and Val are staying and I can only hope for the safety of them all.

Everything now seems so fleeting. The idea that we should live forever, if we die, we come back a few days later was comforting. Now there is something more mortal to us, making the time we have more precious and urgent. If we retreated to a place without war or fighting we could live forever, but such a thought is nothing more than a trivial dream. We have started this and it is through our hands that it should be ended.


GM Note – Tau and Val left, Val is the one that lost her shit on Raither. Their character page shows their current whereabouts/condition.

Journal Entry 73

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