On Hallowed Ground


Experiment 7-8

From my last experiment (which is going so well I might add), I have decided to try bigger and better things. After our last battle in which we freed the King of Breland, I found myself with the corpses of two Blue Dragons. Well you imagine my surprise at having received such fantastic specimens on which to work my zombie experiment. It was costly and took some time, but I do believe they have turned out splendidly. But now to my exciting and much more personal experiment….

I have been dabbling with the idea of making a contingency plan since I seem to not have my phylactery…or at least are not in possession of it at this time. Basically I came up with the idea from my zombies. when I use my recent discovery to make a zombie, essentially I am taking a shell or husk if you will of the person who used to “live” there and imbuing it again with their essence. So I began thinking, would it be possible to do this with myself? Making a complete copy of myself that would function exactly as I do know, but should something happen, my consciousness would be transported back to my “real” body. The idea delights me so and so this is what I am doing tonight. I think I have all the components and necessary elixirs to perform this, but I won’t know exactly how it works for sometime. I am working to make the body, since of course I don’t have a supply myself laying about…yet. But should all things go properly, I should a perfect replica of myself.

In continuing my thinking on this subject, in the way that I make zombies from dead bodies, since my own bodies I make will function as though they are “dead”, in theory I should be able to produce zombie Kais. The idea is absolutely brilliant…I do have to say I might have outdone myself on this experiment and the idea of having another one of myself pleases me so very much. I shall have to report back with the outcome, hopefully this time my comrades don’t have quite the problem adjusting to these discoveries….


I loved the “used to ‘live’ there” part. 10/10 #schemes


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