On Hallowed Ground


Experiment 6

My experiments with my bombs lately have been successful, but with this “discovery” I am hoping that it may prove more useful in the future of combat and my other plans…My earlier experiments focused on working to make my bombs and forumlae more useful for my comrades. I would consider these very helpful and have prided myself on my ability to work the chemicals in such a way to achieve this. But this, this experiment has proven to be my greatest achievement to date. Albeit I can’t really think that EVERYONE will see the benefit to this-at least not initially. My greatest fear is Raither finding out about what I have created and ultimately hating not only it, but myself. It is a risk that I have to take though as this could be an ally to take the hits in combat and focus attention away from him and others (although I know he would never think of it that way). It’s the best way I can work to create protection for him…

To be frank, it seems as though I have created a bomb that when it strikes a dead creature, they will rise again and become a zombie under my control. The first test had less than a stellar outcome and resulted in a literally mindless creation stumbling around. It did understand the commands of attack-but provided absolutely no intellectual stimulation. I mean, I do need someone to talk to during the night-it gets lonely sometimes with everyone else sleeping; but I digress. With the failure of the first zombie, I was forced to paralyze and rekill him and try again. This time I reread the books I have on the Karrnath zombies, tweaked the mixture, and hoped for the best and by The Traveler was provided with an absolute success! He can talk, has his own thoughts, and seems much stronger than the previous zombie. He wishes to be called ZedOne and although is less than good aligned now, he seems to be “warming” up to the idea of not murdering everyone we encounter. He follows directions magnificently and is sometimes polite, which is always a bonus. He does frighten easily, but to be fair Sophie did pull her sword on him and chase him down the hallway-I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same in his situation.

The rest of my comrades seem to be apprehensive around him, which is to be expected. The Mohrg we had under Raither’s control was only able to be trusted because he was dominated, and while I do hold control over ZedOne, what he is capable of is yet unaccounted. I will continue working on him and hopefully over time we can ALL be more trusting of each other.

Till my next experiment; remember the past, scheme for the future, always acquire knowledge and disregard the non-believers.


Very nice. I’m glad we finally got to see a page out of Kai’s “Scheme Journal.” I changed one tiny piece to put it in the correct tense because it bugged me. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.


Haha no worries! I figured you guys should get a small peek of some of her schemes….muwahahaha


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